Get Your Salad Sandwiches

salad but sandwich
Creative from Better Half Bagel Instagram.

Local bagel maker Sam Leonard will hold a sandwich pop-up called “Salad, But Sandwich” on Wednesday, June 8, at Good News Wine in midtown. On the menu: four classic salads, served in sandwich format: Waldorf, taco, niçoise and wedge.

In a Facebook posting, Leonard said he came up with the idea because “Salads are great, but boy howdy are they a pain.” He promises his sandwiches will supply “all those fresh salad flavors, but now between bread” so “you can have your salad and eat it, too.”

Leonard is a cottage baker who until recently operated a weekly bagel pickup business, called Better Half Bagel, from his home in South Land Park. He now sells bagels in four-packs on Saturday mornings at Taylor’s Market in Land Park. And in the past few months, he’s been doing occasional pop-ups at midtown wine bars, generally serving interesting and complex bagel sandwiches. One recent sandwich: curried eggplant, farmer’s cheese, mint and a fried egg on a black-and-white-sesame seed bagel. Next week’s sandwiches, though, will come on seeded hoagie rolls made by another local cottage baker, Greg Severn of Manzanita Bakehouse.

The pop-up will begin at 5:30 p.m. and continue until Leonard runs out of sandwiches. Good News Wine is in the MARRS Building at 1050 20th St.