Frogurt Frenzy


It’s a bit like the Starbucks phenomenon: Turn around and you see a new frozen yogurt shop. Turn around again and there’s another.
But wait—didn’t frozen yogurt, aka frogurt or fro-yo, go out in the ’80s, along with leg warmers and big-hair bands?
Well, it’s baaaack—and in a big way. In the Sacramento area, the frogurt frenzy has taken over where the cupcake craze left off, with shops such as Yogurt Monkey, Yog-Yog and, of course, Big Spoon, the big kahuna that seemed to spawn a million wannabes, all modeled on the same savvy self-serve standard. (Meanwhile, Big Spoon itself has given birth to a bunch of little spoons, with eight more shops in the region.)
Still, that doesn’t explain why the trend has returned with such sweet vengeance. Mike Ownbey, owner of Yo-Yo Yogurt in Sacramento and Yuba City, offers this explanation: “I think it’s a healthy alternative, and I think it’s the price point—you can buy as much or as little as you want. I also think people like creating their own concoctions.” Even in cold weather, Ownbey says, people still go for frozen yogurt, so he’s optimistic that business will continue to grow.
Here’s a small sampling of local spots where you can get your fro-yo fix.  


Where: Big Spoon, 3644 J St., Sacramento
Flavors: 38 varieties, 6 per day; NF, LF, ND, NSA*
Toppings: 80+, from hot fudge to Hot Tamales
Price Per ounce: 35 cents
The 411: Kicked off the region’s recent fro-yo craze; now everyone’s doin’ it


Where: HeavenLy’s Yogurt, 5535 H St., Sacramento
Flavors: 40+ varieties, 10 per day; NF, LF, ND, NSA
Toppings: 60, from fresh fruit to Fruity Pebbles
Price Per ounce: 36 cents
The 411: Clean and spacious, friendly staff, unusual flavors (Snickerdoodle, Pomegranate Tart)


Where: Tops Yogurt, 9015 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove
Flavors: 14 varieties per day; NF, LF, ND, NSA
Toppings: 100+ (yes, we counted)
Price Per ounce: 37 cents
The 411: Toppings are tops at Tops, including fresh fruit galore—even pomegranate seeds


Where: Yo-Yo Yogurt, 2580 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento
Flavors: 40 varieties, 6 per day; NF, LF, ND, NSA
Toppings: 65, including sugar-free candies
Price Per ounce: 39 cents
The 411: Small, tidy shop with cool lime-green logo; known for its creamy yogurt


* nonfat, low-fat, nondairy, no sugar added available