Free Pie Wednesday


I love pie. Cherry pie. Marionberry pie. Coconut cream pie. Pecan pie. So I was excited when I learned that Shari’s restaurant, located in the Greenhaven/Pocket area of Sacramento, offers free pie on Wednesdays with the purchase of a meal. I try to make it to Shari’s for dinner a couple of times a month. For a while I was stuck in a pie rut, getting the same few flavors nearly every week, but about a month ago, I decided to branch out and try all of the varieties. It’ll take awhile to run through the circuit. Shari’s offers a huge selection. In addition to the above-mentioned pies, they serve strawberry rhubarb, banana cream, chocolate silk, peach and others, and that’s not including the pie of the month.
Shari’s does pie well, so you won’t go wrong with most varieties. But a few that really stand out: sour cream lemon, chocolate cream and all of the ones I mentioned in my opening.
I just checked Shari’s website, and March’s pie of the month is key lime pie. Yum! Hurry in before time runs out!
By the way, if you like pie and if you like milkshakes, try one of Shari’s Pie Shakes, where they take a slice of pie and blend it with a milkshake. Sounds strange, I know, but it’s good!