Fish Fix


We’re lucky to have such an enormous array of restaurants available to us in the Sacramento region. From the tiniest mom and pop Korean cafes to the most glamorous, upscale eateries, there’s enough gastronomic variety at our fingertips to satisfy any food cravings we may experience.

If you’ve got a hankering for fish, these three restaurants can fix you right up. 1.) Sushi Café on Alhambra Boulevard – try the chef’s “combination fish” roll, crammed full of deep-fried shrimp, snow crab and avocado, then festooned with slices of raw tuna, salmon and gleeful squirts of spicy red and orange sauces; 2.) Spataro Restaurant and Bar – you’ll relish the irresistible, crusty salt cod fritters, served up with a creamy garlic mayonnaise; and 3.) Chando’s Tacos – this teeny taqueria’s citrus-marinated tilapia fish tacos are some of the most delicious in town.