First Bite: Tex Mex Bar & Grill


I stopped into Tex-Mex Bar & Grill recently, a lively new addition to the midtown J street dining corridor. The bar area was thronged, but we were able to nab a table in the dimly lit dining section. The restaurant has an attractive selection of (you guessed it) Tex-Mex specialties, from burritos and homemade tamales to Southwestern salads and crispy tacos. Our grilled chicken fajitas and enchiladas verdes both tasted dazzlingly fresh, but were – unfortunately – very bland. A side dish of the restaurant’s “kick ass” housemade guacamole was also puzzlingly flavorless. Next time, I’ll order the kitchen’s “El Diablo,” a meat dish (your choice of fajita chicken, grilled steak or jumbo shrimp) doused with the restaurant’s “fire hot” Diablo sauce. 

2326 J Street, Sacramento, (916) 273-4930