First Bite: GoGi's Korean BBQ


Korean barbecue short rib meat…in a taco? You betcha.

Brothers Mason, Alan and Curtis Wong are at it again – their newest restaurant venture is GoGi’s Korean BBQ (at the former site of the “Park to Go” kiosk at the Park Downtown), where hungry patrons can sink their teeth into the kitchen’s palm-sized, sweet-crunchy-greasy short rib tacos, stuffed with a refreshing kimchee coleslaw that packs a soft punch of heat. “It was originally a food truck concept in Los Angeles,” explains Mason Wong, who also owns – with his brothers – Cafeteria 15L, The Park Ultra Lounge, and Ma Jong’s Asian Diner, all situated on the corner of 15th and L streets downtown.

Wong, clearly pleased by the enthusiastic response to GoGi’s menu, attributes the tacos’ popularity to their feisty flavor, price point (a mere $2 per taco) and their quick turnaround time – “It takes us five minutes to put them together,” he says, “and customers can be in and out for lunch in a half an hour.” Tacos can also be filled with chicken, tofu or spicy pork; and diners with a heftier appetite can enjoy the same fillings stuffed inside GoGi’s plump burritos (at $5, they’re also a good bargain).

GoGi’s is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm.

Note: This is take-out food only, though customers are welcome to sit in the Ma Jong’s/Park Ultra Lounge outdoor patio area, adjacent to GoGi’s.

GoGi’s edgy, colorful logo and mural were designed by Sacramento graffiti artist Shane Grammer (see

15th & L Streets, downtown Sacramento, (916) 442-7333