East Sacramento’s Cafe Rolle: Great for Picnic Fare


It may not be picnic season quite yet, but the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been experiencing recently has me dreaming about long lazy afternoons outside, settled on an old blanket with a lavish lunch and a great bottle of wine.


If the weather keeps up, I’m going to make my way to Cafe Rolle in East Sacramento, a neighborhood bastion of friendly, casual French dining. The cafe offers a number of delicious and picnic-friendly sandwiches and salads that can be packaged up and transported to your favorite outdoorsy dining spot. I especially like the pretty salad Niçoise, featuring a perfectly-poached chunk of salmon, firm-but-tender haricots verts and a hard-boiled egg atop a bed of fresh baby lettuces; and the popular (and warm) “Stacy’s Favorite” sandwich, spread with garlic aioli and loaded with roast beef, caramelized onion and melted brie cheese.


Note: If it’s cold outside, Cafe Rolle’s cozy dining area, enlivened by sky blue and butter yellow walls plastered with French posters, is another great place to enjoy your repast.