Snack Attack


Reinvented junk food is expected to be one of the hottest food trends of 2011, according to trade pub Restaurant Hospitality. Here in Sacramento, check out these grown-up versions of some of America’s favorite carbolicious classics.    


Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe
At Sugar Plum Vegan, this Twinkie doppelgänger—vanilla cake filled with vegan buttercream—is actually called a Twinkle. It also comes in chocolate, vanilla-chocolate and coconut.       




Revolutionary Pop-Tart

Revolution Winery
Pie crust dough, rolled out nice and thin, is the basis for chef Simone McKinley’s Pop-Tart, featuring a variety of yummy fillings (lately it’s been date and almond) and served warm on a slice of triple-crème brie.




Valrhona Ding Dong

Mulvaney’s Building & Loan
For Mulvaney’s clever twist on the old Hostess lunchbox snack, a dainty devil’s food cake is filled with Valrhona chocolate mousse and covered with a shiny cocoa glaze.




Tater Tots

Cafeteria 15L
The kitschy school cafeteria classic gets a thoroughly modern makeover: Mashed potatoes are seasoned with ground beef, bell peppers and onions, shaped into balls and deep-fried.