Hike the Sweetwater Trail in El Dorado Hills


I’ve decided to drag my technology-addicted daughters out on two hikes a month. This past weekend’s adventure: A trek to Sweetwater creek in El Dorado Hills. Folsom Lake is low, so it’s a great time to take this hike—when the lake’s high, it covers up some really cool stuff: Namely, the remainder of the Gold Rush town of Salmon Falls. Now, you can see old building foundations and the concrete bridge. We brought our black Lab and let him run free—not sure if this is legal, but he sure had a ball chasing birds, bees and his own shadow. The girls waded waist-deep in the creek, which right now looks more like a river, and picked up giant pine cones along the trail. It’s a relatively easy trail, with very little steep terrain, but wear shoes with decent soles because of the rocks. Access is 3.5 miles past Green Valley Road on Salmon Falls Drive. Park by the gate and start walking.