From Food Trucks, Deals On Wheels


These hardworking entrepreneurs are fighting to stay alive in Sacramento, where a city ordinance limits food trucks’ hours and requires them to move frequently. Still, they press on, serving our community lovingly prepared food with a smile. Let’s eat!




THE 411: Louisiana po’ boys, NYC pastrami and other regional sandwiches make up the fun fare on this aptly named truck

TASTE TEST: South Philly Cheese Steak, with thinly sliced rib eye and Cheez Whiz on a toasted roll; Nor Cal Turkey BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato), on thickly sliced whole-wheat bread

THE VERDICT: Slight preference for the cheese steak, which was perfectly executed, with tender, lean beef and gooey melted cheese; BLAT also was very good, and there was no chintzing on the fillings

THE DAMAGE: $7 per sandwich, both generously sized

THE TAKEAWAY: Satisfying, filling comfort food, simply prepared



THE 411: Big menu featuring all the usual suspects (tacos, burritos, et al.), plus fusion items such as grilled Asian marinated steak with Korean-style slaw tossed in chile-soy vinaigrette and Sriracha sauce

TASTE TEST: Vampiro taco with chicken, pico de gallo and Cotija cheese, served atop two stacked mini corn tortillas

THE VERDICT: Mouthwateringly good, with tender chunks of chicken and just the right amount of kick; very fresh, lively flavor

THE DAMAGE: $2.50 per taco, and there were other tacos that cost even less; a $4 plate of taco, rice and beans is a steal

THE TAKEAWAY: Exceptionally yummy. Mas, por favor!



THE 411: Gyros with unusual toppings (horseradish BBQ tzatziki sauce, anyone?) are the main event, along with cleverly named Greek-inspired sandwiches such as the Rosemary’s Baby

TASTE TEST: Pancho Villa gyro, with grilled lamb and onions, cucumber salsa, pickled jalapeños and guacamole-lime tzatziki sauce on onion naan bread

THE VERDICT: Complex flavors and textures, with nicely seasoned lamb, good crunch (from the cucumber salsa) and warm, soft flatbread

THE DAMAGE: $7 for a hefty gyro

THE TAKEAWAY: Fun fare with bold, unconventional flavors



THE 411: Surprisingly sophisticated selections, from a niçoise salmon salad to turkey and brie on a cheddar-chive biscuit; desserts include chocolate-dipped strawberries

TASTE TEST: Falafel sandwich on flatbread with harissa yogurt sauce and sweet potato chips; asparagus soup with chipotle cream

THE VERDICT: The fantastically flavorful falafel was built like a salad, with a pile of mixed greens; the sweet potato chips were crunchy and lightly kissed with sea salt; asparagus soup was easily the best I’ve ever had

THE DAMAGE: $8 for the falafel (huge portion) and $4 for the soup, which was labeled “small” but was actually medium-size, and came with two fresh slices of rosemary bread

THE TAKEAWAY: Mama Kim (Kim Scott) is a rock star



THE 411: Adventuresome burgers and sandwiches for vegans and carnivores alike, with everything from wild boar burger to veggie “pork” sliders

TASTE TEST: Vegan burger with vegan pepper Jack cheese, mixed greens, pickles, pear raspberry vinaigrette and a house vegan sauce on a rosemary focaccia roll; portobello mushroom sandwich with provolone and coleslaw on thick-sliced bread

THE VERDICT: Vegan burger had great crumbly texture and flavor and a deliciously herb-y roll; portobello mushroom was heavy on the bread but still tasty

THE DAMAGE: $8.50 for each, including some fabulous sweet potato fries

THE TAKEAWAY: Delightful menu, well executed; love that they do Meatless Mondays, too


For food truck hours and locations—remember, they do move around—SactoMoFo’s Facebook page is a good place to start. Most individual trucks provide frequent updates on the web via Facebook and Twitter.