Cut Your Own Christmas Tree


When I was a kid, my family had a tradition—every year, my parents would take me and my two sisters out to Figor Tree Farm in Placerville to cut down our own Christmas tree. We’d bundle up in our jackets, put on our gloves and hats, and trek through aisles of Douglas Firs, Silver Tips and Spruces.

Last year, my sisters and I and our now-husbands decided to rekindle that tradition. So this past Saturday, we headed up Highway 50 to Camino and visited Robert’s Christmas Tree Farm. By the time we got there, the parking lot was packed, but there were still plenty of trees to choose from. Each of the couples separated to find our perfect trees, and after about 45 minutes, my husband and I found ours—a big, beautiful Douglas Fir that might be just a bit too tall for our ceiling.

I highly recommend attaching more memories to your Christmas tree than simply hauling it off of a parking lot, so here are lots of tree farms in the area to trek to.