Cheering on the Marathoners


The 28th Annual California International Marathon is taking place this Sunday. You’ll want to take particular note if you live along the route, which starts in Folsom and ends at the State Capitol, to be prepared for road closures. There is a list of which roads will be closed and at what times at If you live along the route—or even if you don’t—and you don’t mind the cold weather, come out and cheer. You might have some fun, and trust me, the runners will appreciate it. There are several popular cheering points, including Old Town Fair Oaks, near mile 10, Fair Oaks Boulevard at Manzanita, the halfway point, and Loehmann’s Plaza, near mile 20, where the CIMers run (or, walk as the case may be) through “The WALL.” Or, pick a less populated part of the trail; there are parts of Fair Oaks Boulevard (the course runs pretty much the entire stretch of the street) where there is barely a soul around. Those are the times when it would be nice for runners to see a friendly face at the side of the road. Bundle up! It’s supposed to be a cold one.