Apples Aren’t the Only Thing on Apple Hill: Try the Wine


It might be the fall tradition to fill your basket full of apples, your trunk full of jam and your tummy full of sweet baked goodies, but don’t miss the fabulous wines flowing out of Apple Hill. Make sure to hit Crystal Basin Cellars, a small unprepossessing barn off the main entrance at Carson Road, for some of the best bubbly in the foothills. A hundred yards away you’ll find a fine little quartet of tasting rooms off Carson Road, featuring some beautiful wines, like the incredible ’08 Malbec at Garnet Sun Winery. Looking for a view? You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one than at Lava Cap Winery. Grab a bottle that suits your fancy and take in a crisp afternoon staring out at the gorgeous, apple-laden valley. Finally, on your way back down the hill, stop off at Boeger Winery, where you can grab one of the best bottles of rose (that’s pink wine to you and me) and meet some of the nicest people on the Hill. Oh, and one last thing, make sure to bring a designated driver along. Wine tasting and driving don’t mix.