Apple Hill Favorites


The chill might not yet be in air exactly but the calendar says fall is upon us. In my household that means the annual trip (or even trips in a good year) to glorious Apple Hill. In the coming weeks we will focus on some of the best spots to get pies, jams, cider, and almost any other apple-themed consumable up on the hill. If you need help with directions or want more information, check out

Rainbow Orchards

Two words: Apple cider doughnuts. (OK, fair enough, that’s three words.) Freshly made, piping hot, covered with sugar, crisp yet chewy, these doughriffic bites of heaven are the main attraction in the cavernous barn that makes up the whole of Rainbow Orchards’ commercial enterprise. Bluegrass music often graces the upper meadow, scarecrow stuffing is offered to keep the kids occupied, and a kaleidoscope of beautifully hued pumpkins are offered for sale. But really, we’re all just going there for the doughnuts. Did I mention the doughnuts? 2569 Larsen Drive, Camino; (530) 644-1594