Apple Hill Favorites: Larsen Apple Barn


Maybe it’s the fact the Larsen Apple Barn is located on Larsen Drive, or that the Apple Hill Growers Association offices are located at the Larsen estate, or that the Larsen Pioneer Farm Museum across from the Larsen Bake Shop displays a local family history going back more than 150 years, but even the idle visitor figures out pretty quickly that the Larsen family is the closest thing to apple royalty in the small town of Camino. And, as one would expect, they know their business. If apples are what you’re searching for, just plain apples, then the Barn should be your destination. From pink ladies to fujis, golden delicious to granny Smiths, Larsen has them. Samples are easily had for the discerning apple taster. And when you’re done apple shopping, a quaint museum display, a spread of antique farm equipment and a giant water wheel give you a glimpse into more than just trinkets and pony rides. 2461 Larsen Drive, Camino; (530) 644-1415