Dining in the Time of Coronavirus: Meet the ‘Streaterie’

The pandemic pivot: How restaurant dining has changed in the months since COVID-19 began to shake our world.
outdoor dining
Beast + Bounty outdoor pizzeria on 17th Street.

When it became clear that indoor dining might not return for a very long time, restaurateurs took their show on the road, setting up tables on city sidewalks, in parking lots and even, in some cases, on the street. The city of Sacramento helped out with its Farm to Fork Al Fresco program (F2FAF, for short), which eased the permitting process for outdoor dining. Entire streets were shut down to vehicle traffic so that restaurants like LowBrau and Beast + Bounty could set up beer gardens. What started as a public health necessity became a net positive as city streets filled with people looking to eat and drink. What will happen when the weather turns wet and chilly? Nobody quite knows yet, but it’s hard to imagine Sacramento losing its vibrant new streetscape.