Dining: In-Betweens


Have a grumbly in your tumbly? Here are five sure-to-satisfy snacks that are just the right size to slay that persistent appetite.

Nicaraguan black bean soup
Tower Café
Tower Café offers its earthy Nicaraguan black bean soup in a small cup size, perfect for the between-meal hungries. The soup is thick and textured—the beans are left whole, rather than pureed, and diners have the option of adding fresh avocado, cheese (cheddar or Jack), and the kitchen’s marvelous pico de gallo to the soup to give it vibrancy and extra flavor. A cup of the soup will warm your belly, boost your daily intake of fiber and give you the fortitude you need to wait until dinner time.
1518 Broadway, Sacramento, (916) 441-0222

Greenhouse Fries
The Greenhouse
Like French fries? Wait until you try The Greenhouse’s version, perfect for a little afternoon snacking. The kitchen hand-cuts, then oven-roasts Yukon Gold potatoes, parsnips, sweet potatoes and Portobello mushrooms, then adds deeply caramelized garlic cloves to the mix. This crusty, lovely assortment is served up with an addictive habañero mustard, and the appetizer is so good you’ll be tempted to ruin your dinner appetite.
1595 Eureka Road, Roseville, (916) 789-1900

Zang Yogurt
Mochii Yogurt
If your energy is flagging and you need a zingy boost of flavor, try a cup of Mochii’s “zang” plain frozen yogurt. Unlike most frozen yogurts you’ve probably sampled, this version has a big, tangy flavor that smacks your taste buds awake. Refreshing, delicious, and palate-cleansing, plain zang frozen yogurt is a wonderful pick-me-up for those long, boring hours between meals. And if you want more flavor, choose one of Mochii’s healthy toppings—we like the crunchy granola.
1530 16th St., Sacramento, (916) 441-2601

Shrimp Har Gow
Fat’s Asia Bistro & Dim Sum Bar
Fat’s Asia Bistro, with its exciting selection of small plates, is the perfect spot to visit when you want to sneak a tiny dish. Order the restaurant’s dainty shrimp har gow (steamed shrimp dumplings), which arrive in their very own little basket. The exterior of the dumplings—translucent and soft—seem to melt in your mouth, exposing the chunks of pink shrimp within. Pair the dumplings with a cup of tea, and your tummy will be happily satisfied (until your next meal, of course).
2585 Iron Point Road, Folsom, (916) 983-1133

Triple Chocolate Cupcake
Babycakes Bakery
This is the “snack between meals” your mom warned you against, but hey, we’re adults now, and we can make our own decisions. If you’ve been sitting at that desk too long and need a sweet something to soothe the stomach growlies, tuck into Babycakes’ triple chocolate cupcake. With its moist, dissolve in your mouth cake, eye-poppingly generous mound of just-sweet-enough, buttery chocolate icing and crunchy little chocolate sprinkles, this is an indulgent in-between-meals snack that will keep you smiling all afternoon.
3675 J St., Sacramento, (916) 451-7885