Diner of the Future

Roc & Sol
Roc & Sol

Matt and Fred Haines, the brothers behind Wildwood Kitchen and 33rd Street Bistro (shuttered in 2020 and recently revived as a food truck), have launched a new restaurant concept they’ve dubbed a “virtual diner.” Roc & Sol, located in a downtown space occupied for decades by chain restaurants, takes the elements of a classic diner—including tufted leather booths and all-day breakfast—and adds a contemporary twist in the form of a competitive gaming room and other tech-centric amenities.

“It’s an old-school diner with new-school technology,” explains Matt. “We’ve partnered with College Esports International to provide gaming space for college students.” Teams will use the gaming room to compete in online events. The gaming space will be open to the public on designated nights and also available for private rentals.

food at Roc & Sol

The kitchen is helmed by chef Pamela Cantu, who spent nearly 25 years cooking at 33rd Street Bistro. The menu boasts a list of diner favorites: a patty melt, corned beef Reuben, meatloaf, biscuits and gravy, pot roast and more. “The only thing that’s nerve-wracking is that people come in expecting it to be the bistro, but we’re building something different here,” says Matt. “We think Sacramento needed a classic late-night diner, and that’s what we’re all about.”

Roc & Sol

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