Davis Village Feast Returns—Virtually

davis village feast

On Saturday, Oct. 9, the Village Feast—an annual lunch held at a communal long table in Davis Central Park in the style of a Provençal Grand Aioli—will go virtual this year, thanks to the pandemic.

So no lunch in the park with hundreds of people—boo! But participants can sign up for free for the virtual event and hold their own village feast with friends in their own backyard or driveway—yay!

village feast table

Local restaurants, including Bella Bru, Hawks and Kitchen428, will offer ready-to-eat Provençal meals for order and pick up, and Farm Fresh To You will supply two boxes: an aperitif box with baguette, olives, roasted nuts and cheese, and a CSA ingredient box so you can make your own Grand Aioli feast.

What is a Grand Aioli, you ask? It’s a Provençal dish of poached seafood and vegetables, served on a big platter with aioli (aka garlic mayonnaise) for dipping. The organizers of the Village Feast have tweaked the recipe to focus on local meats and produce.

village feast

You can register for free for the event, and once you’re registered, you can sign in to the Zoom version of the Village Feast online and participate in an online auction featuring items donated by chefs, restaurants and wineries.

For more information, go here.