Chicken Kabobs and Fancy Cookware in Old Sacramento


I’ve discovered that if you want to find a great parking space in Old Sacramento, you should visit on a Monday afternoon in January. That’s what we did today, and we were amply rewarded with platefuls of warm shwarmas and chicken kabobs from Happy Pita Café (which also offers a delectable selection of baklavas). Strolling down K Street, I stumbled across a fun store called Chef’s Mercantile, which carries an attractive inventory of sleek, modern kitchen appliances and cookware – a great resource for local foodies. If you’re itching for a brisk outing, visit Old Sacramento this winter before the tourists descend again (and take up all the parking places).

Happy Pita Café: 1100 Front Street, Sacramento, (916) 498-1614
Chef’s Mercantile: 116 K Street, Sacramento, (916) 737-5636