Checkin’ Out Cheaters Sports Bar


I absolutely love living in East Sac, and I’ve actually lived around the corner from Cheaters Sports Bar at 3221 Folsom Blvd. for almost two years now. It wasn’t until a few weekends, though, that I actually strolled in. I hate to admit it, but based on the exterior, I thought it would be a total dive. I was so wrong! My friend, my hubby and I walked over for some after-dinner drinks—we got there around 10 p.m.—and were pleasantly surprised by what we saw. The place was lit almost completely by TVs all tuned into the various basketball and football games, and we could tell the place was kept very clean … something I don’t typically expect from a dive. You know that sour booze smell a lot of bars have? Well, this one didn’t have it. I was amazed. When we showed up, there weren’t too many people; it was busy, but comfortable, with enough room to move around. The drinks were good and reasonably priced, the bartender was friendly, and if you’re into sports, there are more than enough TVs showing different games. Cheaters definitely exceeded my expectations.