Cacio’s Cacio e Pepe

The star dish at the Pocket-area restaurant is deceptively simple.
cacio e pepe from cacio
Cacio e pepe. Photo by Debbie Cunningham.

When the star dish on a menu contains just a handful of ingredients, technique is essential. So says Jonathan Kerksieck, chef-owner at Cacio, a cozy Italian restaurant in Sacramento’s Pocket neighborhood where the deceptively simple CACIO E PEPE delights diners. Kerksieck heats olive oil and butter in a pan, throwing in close to a tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper and letting it sizzle until it’s aromatic. In goes the cooked pasta with some starchy pasta water, along with about a cup of finely grated pecorino cheese. The pasta is tossed with tongs as the cheese melts and transforms into a decadent sauce. “It takes practice,” says Kerksieck. “The pasta and the water have to be hot enough and the cheese grated as freshly as possible so that it melts easily.”


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