Britney-Inspired Cocktails at Bawk!

Bar director Jose Carrasco has fun with playlists and booze.
britney cocktail at bawk

When Bawk! bar director Jose Carrasco seeks inspiration for his cocktail menu, he turns to music, creating playlist-inspired drinks from iconic artists customers go crazy for. Over the summer, he devised a clever lineup of cocktails inspired by famous songs from the Prince catalog, adorning the drinks with tiny props and garnishes. The rye-based Darling Nikki came with a risqué garnish of handcuffs. Breakfast Can Wait—made with bourbon, maple and cinnamon bitters and served with a short stack of miniature pancakes speared onto a toothpick—was an homage to the famous Dave Chappelle sketch about the eccentric artist. This fall, the bar menu turned to everyone’s favorite cause célèbre. Here’s a look at Bawk!’s Britney Spears-inspired cocktail playlist.


“Toxic” – Gin, pear, elderflower, lemon, bubbles
“Inspired by the name, thoughts of glowing green came to mind,” says Carrasco.

“Stronger” – Bourbon, brandy, pomegranate, sangria bitters
“We for sure wanted to have this be the strong, spirit-forward cocktail.”

“Oops! . . . I Did It Again” – Blanco tequila, cinnamon agave, lime, blood orange
“This one is easily relatable, recognizable, fresh, tart. Also locally in season.”

jose carrasco bar director of bawk! creator of the britney cocktails
Bar Director Jose Carrasco. Photo by Ryan Donahue.