Bread and Chocolate—What Could Be Better?

chocolate swipe at Cacio

I recently had the dreamiest—and most deceptively simple—dessert at Cacio, the cozy Italian restaurant in the Pocket. Billed as “Housemade Chocolate Ganache,” it was a swipe of thick chocolate sauce topped with sea salt and served with a swirl of extra-virgin olive oil and a few slices of grilled bread for dipping. My dining companions and I were delighted by the do-it-yourself nature of this dessert, dipping our bread into the oil and scooping up as much chocolate sauce as politeness allowed. Sweet, salty, smoky, crispy and creamy: For me, it checked all the dessert boxes.

The story behind the dessert: When Cacio’s owners, Jonathan Kerksieck and Katie Kinner-Kerksieck, started dating in 2009, they were both working at The Citizen Hotel and went on a road trip to Huntington Beach to stay at a sister property, where room service sent them a dish of grilled bread and chocolate. They loved it so much that Katie said, “If we ever own a restaurant, this has to be on the menu.” And so it came to pass.

housemade chocolate dessert at Cacio


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