Biba…To Go? You Betcha


I had a massive craving recently for Biba’s stellar, house-crafted Lasagne Verdi alla Bolognese, which is only available on Thursday and Friday evenings. However, I just couldn’t face the idea of getting all gussied up to go to the restaurant and dine. What I really wanted to do was sit around in my grungy sweatpants, open a fabulous bottle of red wine, and devour that lasagna – every last delectable layer (there are ten) – in the peace of my own home.  So, I ordered a meal to go from Biba. Culinary heresy? Maybe.

 I rushed my food home as soon as it was packaged, served it up on my own plain plates, opened that wine and dug in – and the food was indisputably terrific. Not only did the lasagna taste as wonderful as I remembered, but the kitchen’s Agnello con Funghi (braised lamb stew in a Marsala wine and tomato sauce, with sweet onions, porcini mushrooms and Italian butter beans) was equally delicious, as was the Insalata di Barbabietole, Cipolle e Balsamico – a vivacious roasted beet salad, tossed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and embellished with tender curls of Pecorino cheese.

Next time I’m sure I’ll have the energy to pull on that Little Black Dress and apply an extra layer of rose-red lipstick to dine at this iconic, elegant restaurant, but I offer no apologies for thoroughly enjoying its excellent cuisine directly out of to-go containers.