Behind the Dish: Ten 22’s Big Seared Scallops


If you happen to visit Ten 22 and catch executive chef Andrea Reiter chuckling to herself, you may want to blame the scallops. “Every time I see that dish, it makes me laugh a little bit,” says Reiter about Big Seared Scallops, a staple on the dinner menu at the Old Sac restaurant. The scallops are served with a rosemary-orange reduction and crisp pancetta, along with a side of root-vegetable hash. Nothing funny about that. But for Reiter, the dish kicks up memories of a dinner party gone slightly awry. “I had some friends over, and I was going to marinate some scallops in a slightly reduced orange juice, then throw them on the grill,” she recalls. But one glass of wine led to another, and soon the orange juice was reduced to a thick syrup. Reiter’s quick fix? She tossed some fresh rosemary and black pepper into the sauce and served it over the scallops. That, she says, was the inspiration for her Ten 22 dish—if you can call it inspiration. “Sometimes,” Reiter says, “the best recipes happen after one too many glasses of wine.” Another Riesling, anyone?