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Leave the electronic games at home, suggests Mario Ortiz, general manager of The Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sac. “The screens are now so bright and big that it can really distract other diners,” he says. Not all kids are enthralled by the coloring pages and crayons that The Firehouse offers, Ortiz admits, but they often work.
     Another tip: Tell the staff in advance that you plan to bring your brood. “That way, we can be prepared with a highchair or whatever else you might need,” says Ortiz.
     According to Ortiz, many families bring their children to the elegant Firehouse, and problems are rare. On the whole, he says, the young diners-in-training are polite—sometimes even starry-eyed, making such remarks as, “Oh, wow, nobody’s ever filled up my water glass that many times.”

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