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Q: I love chicken and waffles. Does any restaurant in town serve it?

A: Sadly, the number of local restaurants serving this soul-food specialty recently shrank with the closings of Oni’s Chicken and Waffles and The Original House of Chicken & Waffles. But a few other places are still serving it, including Sandra Dee’s Bar-B-Que and Table 260, both in downtown Sacramento.
     Chicken and waffles “just ironically go together,” says Renard Poydras, a longtime cook at Sandra Dee’s, which serves the dish Thursday through Saturday in a range of sizes, from a child’s portion (one wing and one waffle) to a half-chicken and a waffle. A hard-core fan of the dish himself, Poydras says he dresses his waffle with butter and syrup, then stacks his fork with a bit of both—a bite of chicken, a chunk of waffle—and savors the flavors together. “It’s one of those meals that makes you want to relax after you eat it—rub your belly, take off your shoes,” he says.
     At Table 260, chef/owner Ray Smith serves crispy fried chicken wings with a Belgian waffle dusted with powdered sugar. Wings are typically the preferred choice for the dish because they’re the quickest to serve up, explains Smith, though sometimes people request chicken thighs. “But mostly,” he jokes, “we’re just wingin’ it.”

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