A Pup Cup From Salt & Straw

pup treat from silt & straw

Yesterday, I popped into Salt & Straw for a pint of ice cream for a friend recuperating from surgery and walked out with something unexpected: a sweet, cold treat for my dog, Guinness. To be honest, I bought it for myself; it looked exactly like the single-serve ice cream containers sold by Ben & Jerry and Haagen Daz. But at home, when I looked more closely at the carton and saw that it was “a cup for pups,” I let Guinness have at it. It turned out it wasn’t actually ice cream but instead a “nondairy frozen dessert” made with coconut cream. The flavor—Apples & Carrots with Sweet Potato Ribbons—might have been a tipoff that it wasn’t for humans, except Salt & Straw is known for unusual flavors (pear and blue cheese; Arbequina olive oil). The packaging notes that it is made with “human grade” ingredients, but by the time I thought to try a bite, Guinness had already licked the cup clean. Verdict: two paws up from Guinness!