A Place To Store Wine – And Drink It, Too


Upstairs, it’s all business. Downstairs, it’s always ready for a party. That pretty much sums up Caverna 57, an office building and wine storage facility that recently opened in East Sacramento.

The brainchild of Jeff Boucher, a 23-year veteran of the commercial real estate industry, Caverna 57 is largely a product of pragmatism, with executive office suites on the upper floors and rentable wine lockers below. Wine storage, explains Boucher, “was not only a better use for the basement portion of our property but something that would also be very creative and just tie nicely into the neighborhood.”

With more than 200 steel wine lockers, the basement can accommodate up to 3,400 cases of the good stuff. The smallest lockers can house 10 cases of wine and can be rented for $39 a month. Boucher anticipates the facility, which is kept at a constant 57 degrees, will be filled to capacity in the next 12 to 18 months.

Caverna 57 also rents out event space, including a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, for gatherings of up to 70 people. Initially, the events venue was intended as an amenity for wine storage customers, but Boucher soon discovered that there was demand in the larger community for a comfortable spot to gather for meetings and celebrations. It’s a niche he’s happy to fill.

So what does Boucher have stashed away in his locker? “I do have a little bit of wine stored there,” he says. “Coincidentally enough, I’m not much of what you would call a wine enthusiast.”