A New Line of Apéritifs From Winters

apéritifs from L’Apéro les-Trois
Photo courtesy of L’Apéro les-Trois

Georgeanne Brennan, an award-winning cookbook author based in Winters, has teamed up with Berryessa Gap Vineyards to create a series of French farmhouse-style apéritifs called L’Apéro les Trois.

The small-batch, low-alcohol beverages are made by infusing Berryessa Gap wine with seasonal fruit from local orchards. They come in flavors that include Black Mission fig, Blenheim apricot, green walnut, homestead quince, Meyer lemon and rosemary orange. The brand is the result of a collaboration between Brennan and Berryessa Gap’s winemaker, Nicole Salengo, and its president and COO, Corinne Martinez.

rosemary orange apéritifs
Photo courtesy of L’Apéro les Trois.

An aperitif is a refreshing drink, served neat or with sparkling water or wine and traditionally drunk before meals. The Berryessa aperitifs are sold by the bottle and glass at the new L’Apéro les Trois tasting room and lounge at 22 Main Street in Winters. The lounge also offers classic French appetizers such as tapenade and gougéres. It is open 10:30 a.m.–7:30 p.m. Thursday–Sunday and by appointment Monday–Wednesday.

Brennan is the author of numerous books and cookbooks, many of them related to France and French cooking, including “A Pig in Provence,” “La Vie Rustic” and “In the French Kitchen Garden.” She won a James Beard Award for her cookbook memoir, “The Food and Flavors of Haute Provence,” and a Julia Child award for “Apéritif,” a book of recipes.

For more information about L’Apéro les Trois, go here.