A Club For Beer Lovers


“Basically, we like beer, we brew it, we like all aspects of it, and we just try to have a good time and surround ourselves with people who have the same mindset.” That’s how Carl Beermann (yes, that really is his surname) sums up the beer club he co-founded with colleague Jake Hansen.

On the first Saturday of every month, Beermann and Hansen rally members of the Barley Legal Beer Club to meet at a local establishment to enjoy some pints with friends and soon-to-be friends.

Choosing where to drink is straightforward: The place just has to serve a broad selection of quality beer. “All of our outings revolve around good beer. If a place just serves Bud Light and Coors, then we’re not going to check that place out,” explains Beermann. Since the club kicked off a year and a half ago, they’ve made the rounds to Bonn Lair, Ten22, Track 7, Rubicon Brewing Co., The Shack, Hoppy Brewing Company, Bows & Arrows and Pangaea, among others.

As if the club’s name weren’t a strong enough hint, this is a group that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The members are just as likely to engage in a friendly round of beer pong as to philosophize about the subtle characteristics of their favorite brew. Learn a little, yes, but more importantly have a lot of fun.

Still, there is a greater purpose, says Hansen. “Our main focus is to support local breweries. If something’s new to the area, we definitely want to go and show our support. Anything that we can do to keep Sacramento’s beer culture together.”

As for what local brews they favor, Hansen is partial to Track 7’s Big 4 Strong Ale, while Beermann is a fan of Rubicon’s Monkey Knife Fight Pale Ale.