Everyone in the Pool


Urban bathhouses are the latest wellness trend, popping up in places like San Francisco and Brooklyn. Now Sacramento has one. It’s already amazingly popular: When Asha Urban Baths opened late last year on 27th Street off Broadway, 150 people showed up on the first day. The bathhouse is owned by Cori Martinez, a yoga instructor and studio owner who wanted to offer people a gathering place not centered around food or drink.

There’s a steam room, a sauna, a warm saltwater soaking pool and a cold-plunge pool. Basically, you do a circuit, moving from the steam room or sauna to the warm pool, then to the cold pool (kept at a bracing 59 degrees), then do it all over again. At this co-ed bathhouse, everyone wears swimsuits. The lighting is dim and atmospheric, and the atmosphere is social, with lounge chairs by the pool where people can rest or chat. A single visit costs $25; most people stay anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours. For $100, you can get a full-body massage with your bath visit.

The benefits of visiting a bathhouse? “Relaxation, stress relief and renewal,” says Martinez. “It’s healthy and it feels good.”

Asha Urban Baths
Asha Urban Baths’ cold pool

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