Enotria’s Wine Guy


Since being named wine director at Enotria Restaurant and Wine Bar this spring, Sacramento native Jeremiah Morehouse has been busy putting his fingerprints on one of the city’s most esteemed wine lists. The 26-year-old sommelier, who discovered his passion for wine as a college student in Santa Cruz, now oversees a cellar with around 375 distinct labels.

On enjoying wine with his college roommates
We always made it a goal to have Sunday dinner together. We would always have a bottle of wine on the table because growing up, that’s what we were used to at family dinners.

On becoming a sommelier
Most people get into wine because their parents work in the wine industry. They go to Davis or Sonoma and go to school for it. I didn’t do any of that. I’m self-educated. All of my training has been on the job. 

On breaking the rules
I think that rigid rules saying you have to have this with this really don’t work anymore because there are so many more options of wines from new regions.

On what he learned during a recent visit to Italy
The Europeans just seem to slow life down and appreciate family. When I was in Tuscany, I was living with a woman I was doing work for. She had a few rules: No matter what you’re doing, the family gets together for lunch. Everybody’s feet are under the table at 1 o’clock.

On what wines make it into Enotria’s cellar
The thing that’s most pertinent is to pick things that guests will enjoy and that will work very nicely with our food. Because if it doesn’t, it’s not fair to the guest. On the other side, we have a list that people expect to be wide-ranging, so I have to cover all the bases for the popular wine varietals and regions in the world.

On his favorite bottle
I’m a huge Italian wine fan. I think their quality-to-price ratio is great. The variety of styles from the north to the south is so wide-ranging that there’s always going to be something for everyone.