Docs Who Rock


OK, so only two members of the band are actual M.D.s; the other two are state workers. But you gotta admit, it was pretty clever to call themselves The Remedies.

Together since late 2008, this fun-loving rock/funk/blues/R&B band—David Pai (bass), Thomas McIlraith (guitar/vocals), Walt Simmons (guitar/vocals) and Greg Marquis (percussion/vocals)—has come a long way since its first gig at Steve’s Pizza in Elk Grove, says bassist Pai, one of the group’s two docs. (He’s a nephrologist at Capital Nephrology; the other M.D., McIlraith, is a hospitalist for Mercy Medical Group.) “We’ve definitely progressed from being the typical bar band to something more.â€

While “no one is about to quit their day jobs,†Pai says, the band is rocking hard enough to earn gigs at some of the region’s coolest music venues, including Harlow’s. This month, it plays another local favorite, Swabbies.

Pai says no show ever has been stopped by a call from ER, though it’s always a possibility. “We’ve had calls from the hospital—Thomas has gotten paged—but we’ve never had to go in.†The bigger challenge, he says, is working long hours and then gigging on top. “I try to plan shows and rehearsals on days I’m not on call, but Thomas works 12 hours on and 12 hours off, so he could be working a long shift and then performing a long four-hour show afterward.â€

Get a dose of The Remedies on Friday, Sept. 2 from 6 to 10 p.m. at Swabbies on the River, 5871 Garden Highway in Sacramento. For more information: or (916) 920-8088.