Dance Your Way to Fitness


At The Capital Athletic Club, step classes have taken a nosedive while Zumba has zoomed in popularity.

It’s all part of the “dancing for fitness†trend—a movement that’s been building for the past few years and continues to grow, according to Dede Lockmiller, the club’s group fitness and personal training director.

The popularity of TV shows such as “Dancing with the Stars,†plus a need to feel good in a gloomy economy, may be factors behind the trend, says Lockmiller. “Even when state workers were being furloughed, people would come on Fridays for Zumba,†she says. “When the economy is bad, people reach out for camaraderie and fun.â€

Want to shake your groove thing into shape? The Sacramento region offers every imaginable kind of dance-based fitness class. Here’s a partial peek.

Belly dancing for fitness (aka “belly fitâ€)   
The 411: Traditional Egyptian-style belly dance with a focus on fitness, including cardio and meditative work
The Allure: Exotic, sensual head-to-toe workout, with a mind-body-spirit approach
Two to check out: Gina’s Belly Dance Studio, Sierra College Community Education

The 411:High-impact full-body workout, with choreographed dance routines set to African, Brazilian and other world rhythms
The Allure: Fast-paced, exhilarating way to sweat off the pounds (and inches)
Two to check out: Dance 2D Rhythm Studio, Gold’s Gym (select locations)

Pole Dancing
The 411:A sexy, sassy mix of stretching, strength conditioning and pole routines; especially good for upper body and abs
The Allure: A romp of a good time while getting a killer workout
Two to check out: Sacramento Pole Dance Studio, Vertical Fitness Studio

The 411:Spicy Latin rhythms, body sculpting movements and simple dance steps are the recipe for this fitness craze
The Allure: Even if you just jump around, it’s all good
Two to check out: It’s everywhere. Google Zumba Fitness to search for class locations