Currents: Bringing Back Broadway


Katherine Bardis is building the new Sacramento. Three years ago, she and her cousin Rachel Bardis formed Bardis Homes. Now the women, both under 40, are the master builder for a premier infill development, The Mill at Broadway, on the old Setzer Forest Products site at Broadway between Third and Fifth streets. A 2013 graduate of McGeorge School of Law, Katherine Bardis also competed at the Grand Prix level in show horse jumping.

You and Rachel have a new, young company. Why tackle a huge site like Setzer?

We love the challenges of infill. What’s the point of doing something if it’s easy?

You’re trying to deliver high-end finishes at entry-level home prices at The Mill at Broadway. Isn’t this counterintuitive?

We’re making life much tougher than we have to for ourselves, but it’s worth it, given the unique nature of this property. In our models, we’ll have artworks and furniture that the homeowner can actually afford, sourced from local artisans.

What’s it like working with your cousin?

Lots of fun. We bring different skills. She has a background in homebuilding and real estate. I went to law school. We weren’t real close growing up, even though our dads are brothers. We mostly knew each other through horses.

Your dad, Christo, is an icon among Sacramento builders. Is he any help?

My dad plays an advisory role since we share the same office building. He’s not actively involved but is easily available when I run down the hall asking for his help.

What’s the future of infill development for Sacramento?

Exciting. The market has turned around, and people want to live in cool, new places close to city amenities. Infill is hard work, but there are lots of opportunities for new projects in midtown and downtown.