City Sketch: Lisa Fernald Barker


Lisa Fernald Barker spent several years painting in her River Park garage, but that didn’t seem to hurt her exposure. With little marketing effort, her artwork wound up showcased in two solid Bay Area venues and is generating buzz locally since she moved this fall into Sacramento’s Fuller Building (formerly The Art Foundry Gallery).

Barker, 43, says she missed the feedback and camaraderie of others while working at home—having left her career in advertising and marketing to raise two young sons—but made good use of her time. “It was the best for the creative process,” she explains. “You don’t talk to people. You spend the time creating.”

Barker’s professional background—namely, the expertise of saying more with less—comes in handy when talking about her abstract art to would-be clients. “They need it to be defined with something familiar to them,” she explains. If asked to describe her style, Barker leans toward “contemporary colorist.” In one of her newest series, some of the comeliest pelicans ever make their way to canvas.

Visit for information on where to see Barker’s art.