Best Friends



Owner, Shady Lady Saloon and B-Side and Hamish, 7, hound mix 

Who is Hamish named after? John Hamish Watson from “Sherlock Holmes”

Sum up your relationship: Mutually apathetic 

His favorite food: Anything left out on the kitchen counter after you leave the house


Lobbyist, Stefan/George Associates and Jake, 6, tabby 

Sum up your relationship: It’s love/hate—but mostly love! 

Quirks? Jake was clearly a dog in his past life. He likes to play fetch, walk on a leash (no judging!), get a bath and is the guard of the house. He hisses and nips anyone who comes over to watch him while we are gone. 

His favorite foods: Lentils, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and berries 


Musician/Entrepreneur and Sadie, 4, Alaskan malamute/German shepherd mix 

Sum up your relationship: “Daddy’s girl.” She knows how to get her way.

Her favorite food: All foods. Cat poop is a rare delicacy. 


Wellness Coach, Mighty Mind & Body and Mingus Panqueques, 4½, veiled chameleon 

His favorite pastime: Climbing in the fake bamboo tree by the window and lounging in the windowsill. He loves to look outside. 

His favorite food: King worms


Midfielder, Sacramento Republic FC and Nala, 2, Lab/pointer mix

Who is Nala named after? Nala from “The Lion King”

Sum up your relationship: Dynamic duo

Does Nala have any quirks? Laughs in her sleep, sounds like a human


Chef/Partner/Founder, Kru Restaurant and Fish Face Poke Bar, Partner of soon-to-open The Healthy Hound Kitchen and Butters, 4, half yellow Lab, half German shepherd

What is Butters named after? My (business partner) Phuong (Tran) and my favorite ingredient

Butters’ favorite pastime: She loves the water, to swim.

Her favorite food: Fruit, which is weird for a dog


Co-Founders, Beatnik Studios and Owners/Photographers, LUMI Photography and Jones, 1, Great Dane, and Babycakes, aka Cakes, 9, cat

Quirks? Jones likes to sit on your lap. Cakes loves to be held cheek to cheek.

Their favorite pastimes: Jones goes crazy for squeaky toys. He really knows how to keep the squeaker going. Cakes loves visiting all of our friends and clients who come to our house. She takes turns going from lap to lap. She also loves getting into strangers’ cars. 

What else? Cakes and Jones snuggle and nap together at least once a day. 


Performance Painter and Holly, 7, small brown Yorkshire terrier, Ella, 6, light-colored Yorkie/Maltese mix, and Pawblo, 1, large brown Yorkie

Who are they named after? Musicians and artists, naturally. Holly is named after Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Pablo Picasso. It’s a creative bunch.

Their favorite pastime: These dogs love to travel. They’ve been all over the world. They should get little paw stamps in their passports.


Fashion Designer and Susan, 4, Chihuahua 

What is Susan named after? The song “My Name Is Not Susan” by Whitney Houston because she is a rescue and her real name is not known. 

Sum up your relationship: “What?!” Because she is always looking at me with inquisitive eyes. 


Morning Anchor, ABC10 and Squishy, 1, tricolor English bulldog 

Quirks? She snores so loud! There isn’t a TV loud enough or a door thick enough to block out the noise. 

Her favorite pastime: Chewing on shoes, baseboards, magazines (never Sacramento Magazine), toes, tennis balls and her favorite toy, a stuffed potato.