B Street Offers “Netflix for Theatre” Membership


Whether it’s a gym membership or your Netflix, the model of a monthly payment plan for the option of entertainment or access has become a ordinary aspect to life. What if live theatre was included in that?

B Street Theatre’s B-Flex Membership offers that option. Much like a gym membership, B-Flex members pay a monthly flat rate for unlimited access to theatre programming at the new, state-of-the-art complex The Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for the Arts (or The Sofia) on Capitol Avenue and 27th Street. The subscription is $20 per person and offers admittance to the theatre’s Mainstage, Family Series, and Upstairs at the B programming.

With entertainment options at everyone’s fingertips, B Street Theatre views the B-Flex package as a way to adjust their ticketing and subscription model to a modern audience. Rather than having B Street plan your year of theatre, like a subscription, the B-Flex membership offers freedom to the individual to use it as frequently or infrequently as they see fit. It’s also affordable. Single tickets to theatre tend to range between $30 to $40 dollars, sometimes more depending where you attend. The flex package is a fixed $20 per month rate.

Where a Mainstage subscription ranges from $105 to $205 for a seven-show series (with only discount access to Family Series programming), the B-Flex Membership includes more opportunities to see performances at the Sofia. The value of the membership increases with the frequency of its use; the biggest perk being members are not limited to attending once per show run. In fact, unlike Mainstage subscribers, B-Flex members can see a play an unlimited amount of times and purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate. Since opening the Sofia, B Street’s Family Series has magnified its productions with bigger sets and performances that have impressed audiences beyond the grade school demographics. B-Flex members have free access to that. The other significant difference in the membership versus subscribing is that subscribers have guaranteed and priority seats to each Mainstage production, while members have access to showtimes based on availability.

Perhaps the greatest perk to the B-Flex package is access to Upstairs at the B. The Upstairs is a creative third space at The Sofia that frequently features stand-up specials, live role playing game nights, Harold improv performances, jazz jams and cocktail hours, live podcasts, and a late night talk show. Tickets to Upstairs events tend to be priced at $12. All the B Street programming in the Upstairs space is eligible to members at no additional cost. Members decide how frequently they want to be at The Sofia and make reservations by phone or they can show up last minute and waitlist into sold out performances.

For more information visit the B-Flex Membership.