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Sacramentans seeking live music with their late-night laughter will find both in “The Potato Bureau.” Recorded with a live audience the second Friday of each month at Sacramento Comedy Spot, this improvisational comedy show is also available in podcast form. Corky McDonnell and six cast members banter off a musical guest’s lyrics and stories.

One of the six is Elk Grove artist and comedian Tina Jett, who also produces the Comedy Spot’s sketch show, “Secret Handshake Society.”

Jett, 42, became involved in both programs after a 2010 move to Sacramento from Raleigh, N.C. She says she’s been “involved in art and theater in some form all my life.” She previously taught herself painting and designed Spoon, an e-magazine, which ran for one year.

Jett admits she is less experienced at improv than her “Potato Bureau” co-stars but says she is good at envisioning characters and scenes. “I am more of a visual person for sure,” Jett says, “so I do a good job of visualizing where [characters] are at and what that looks like.”

The next public recording of “The Potato Bureau” will be Aug. 12 at 8 p.m. Well Dressed Mannequins frontman Denver J Saunders will be the guest musician. All “Potato Bureau” recordings are also available on SoundCloud and iTunes.