Women's History Day


Sacramento’s most popular historical site will come alive when Old Sacramento transforms itself from a touristy little gold rush neighborhood into living, breathing history. With March being Women’s History Month, the Historic Old Sacramento Foundation is seizing the opportunity to educate and entertain visitors with the frustrating but inspiring history of women in the Old West. Men and women wearing 19th century clothing (good luck to them in our current warm weather streak) will be making their way around the streets on March 29. Be sure to pull them aside and strike up a conversation—you may be surprised by their insider knowledge of Sacramento’s wild history. Several of these living history characters will be taking up formal debates about the controversial issues facing women in the late 1800s, including the right to vote. Even if women’s issues aren’t your bag (though they ought to be!), Women’s History Day will be an engaging chance to see Old Sacramento a little closer to how it really was more than a century ago. So put on your suffragette bonnets and pins and come on out. Modern life can wait. For more information, see here.

What: Women’s History Day
When: Saturday, March 29, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Where: Old Sacramento, 1002 2nd St., Sacramento
Cost: Free