Weekly Food Truck Festival Starts Thursday


Note: This story has been updated. The food truck festival location has changed to Tognotti’s at 2509 Fulton Ave. (Fulton and El Camino).

Starting this week, local food trucks will come together each Thursday to “serve fans of mobile food and promote a new alliance of food trucks” in the currently untitled food truck festival. Food trucks are mini restaurants on wheels, and this Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Mini Burger, Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen and Mama Kim’s will be parked at Tognotti’s at 2509 Fulton Ave. (Fulton and El Camino).

The locations will change each Thursday, as will the vendors—Chando’s, The Wicked ‘Wich, and La Piedad and La Mex taco trucks will also participate.

Currently, food trucks must move after 30 minutes and close at sundown, so until those regulations change, the weekly festival will operate outside city limits. The ultimate goal, however, is to bring the weekly festival closer to the central city and bring more life into downtown. 


And the truth is, cuisine from mini restaurants on wheels is quite tasty, so even though I have to drive a little bit to check this festival out, I’ll be there!