Ukulele Class and Strum-a-Long


Learn how to play the ukulele like the intrument’s Portuguese fathers at ukulele class and strum-a-long at The Strum Shop on Nov. 7.

In Hawaiian, “uku” is translated to mean flea and “lele” means jump. One story of the name’s origin dates back to the ukulele’s introduction to the Hawaiian Islands by Portuguese immigrants. The way the immigrants played and moved their fingers on the fret board reminded the Hawaiians of jumping fleas, and so it became its name.

The Hawaiians quickly fell in love with the instrument and its sound, and you just might, too. On Saturday, the class will start with a beginner’s introduction to basic chords and strumming patterns, then go into a strum-a-long to songs from Ukelele Club of Santa Cruz Songbook III, or The Roseville Acoustic Guitar Club Songbook. Beginners to advanced ukulele players are all welcomed to jam out and get their flea on.

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What: Ukelele Class and Strum-A-Long

When: Nov. 7, 10 a.m. – noon

Where: The Strum Shop, 408 Roseville Square, Roseville

Cost: Free