Third Annual Promenade of Mermaids


Dive Bar doesn’t have a monopoly on mermaid entertainment in this town, but almost. Because it isn’t enough to have mermaid tanks above their liquor cabinets, Dive Bar is head sponsor of a mermaid parade held by This August marks the third annual Promenade of Mermaids, a family-friendly event for all the wannabe mermaids, mermen, merkids, pirates, sea gods and sea creatures out there. Everybody is invited to put on their merbest and strut around Old Sacramento, enjoy the music and take part in the costume competition. Past years have seen some serious costuming magic, with everything from your standard Disney Ariels to lobsters and walruses and Vikings and people wearing head-to-toe blue body paint. Mermaids aficionados will love all the photo opportunities, while adults can stay later for the MerCrawl (starting at Laughs Unlimited) and finish their night at the Dive Bar after party.

Who: Sacramento Mermaids
What: Third Annual Promenade of Mermaids
Where: 1000 Front St., Old Sacramento
When: Aug. 17 at 1 p.m.
Cost: Free for parade, free to register for costume contest online and $5 to register in person