Take a Trip to Brownie Town


Sac Maggers made a visit to Brownie Town recently. (OK, Brownie Town made a visit to us, but we’ll be making a trek soon.) We met several of the residents: Uncle Tony—The Village Idiot, who was kinda nutty (as in walnutty); Makenzie—The Town Teenager (also known as the “Know-It-All”), who is a dense combination of dark and white chocolate with marshmallows; and Hannah—The Town Athlete, who is a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter. The brainchild of local mom Shere Freedman, Brownie Town combines Freedman’s love of baking with her quirk for comparing people’s personalities to food and flavors. The result? Delicious chocolately brownies with offbeat names and descriptions. Want to make a trip to Brownie Town? Log on to brownietown.com.