SusieCakes Grand Opening


Another cupcake store is opening? Yawn. In a post-cronut world, the cupcake has gone beyond passé and is practically prehistoric. If even the folks behind clever artisanal donut store Doughbot couldn’t cut it in this town’s tough dessert market, how’s another cupcake (some might say the most plebian of baked goods) going to manage?

By being seriously, seriously delicious, that’s how. For those unacquainted with SusieCakes, prepare to have your love for cupcakes reignited. Maybe it sounds like I’m overstating it, but really, SusieCakes is definitely a cut above. Full disclosure: when I lived in Los Angeles years ago, I applied for a job at the Brentwood SusieCakes so I could have regular access to their fluffy cakes and killer buttercream (which is shot into the middle of the cupcake, a practice that ought to be copied at all cupcake dispensaries). It’s not that their desserts are particularly radical, and it’s certainly not that their cupcakes are in any way local or healthy. What makes SusieCakes enjoyable is the retro vibe—these are the cupcakes you ate as a kid.

This cupcake chain is opening up its first Sacramento location with a special party on Jan. 24. Everyone who swings by will get a complimentary dessert, as well as the opportunity to take photos in a class automobile parked outside the store. Kids can enjoy face painting, a balloon artist, and a coloring contest. For more information, check out SusieCake’s website.

What: SusieCakes Grand Opening
When: Saturday, Jan. 24, 1-4 p.m.
Where: SusieCakes, 564 Pavilions Lane, Sacramento
Cost: Free