Spotlight: Eric Wheeler


“It’s props and wigs and men dressed up as women—with a little American history to boot,” says Eric Wheeler, one of three actors starring in Capital Stage’s production of The Complete History of America (abridged). The wild, funny romp of a show spans everything from Christopher Columbus to Watergate, “skewering things along the way,” says the longtime local actor, who co-stars with Gary Martinez and Jonathan Rhys Williams. But don’t go thinking the abridged nature of the show has anything to do with the recession; that’s just a tongue-in-cheek reference “to the farcical idea of it being ‘abridged’ when we’re covering a 500-year span of history,” explains Stephanie Gularte, Cap Stage’s artistic director. The Complete History of America (abridged) runs through June 21 at Capital Stage on the Delta King at 1000 Front St. in Old Sacramento. Tickets are $12–$32. For tickets or for more information, visit or call (916) 995-5464.