Spooky Science Night


Explorit Science Center, a hands-on experiential museum in Davis, is gearing up for a very spookily scientific Halloween this year. When darkness falls on the little college town, Explorit’s secret lab comes alive! Come face to face with things that will make your skin crawl—and your logical mind go wow!—in the Goo Room. Try, if you dare, the thrilling experiments in the Wacky Workshop. Challenge the laws of physics by conducting tests about states of matter. Or even harness electricity and create your own small thunderstorm! And if you’re really brave, you may enter the Kingdom of the Spider. Or you may want to investigate what the dead really leave behind. And if that hasn’t pushed you to the bring of freaky scientific knowledge, you may want to take on the construction challenge at the Challenge Center, where you get to keep whatever you make. Plus there are your classic Halloween activities, like trick-or-treating and a costume contest (plus prizes). This event may be a fundraiser for Explorit, but it definitely feels more like a party. So this year, why no try injecting a little scientific knowledge into your Halloween fun? For more information, see here.

What: Spooky Science Night
When: Friday, Oct. 31, 3–6 p.m.
Where: Explorit Science Center, 3141 5th St., Davis
Cost: $5