Shannon Curtis Performs at Harlow’s


Are you a fan of Fiona Apple? What about Norah Jones? If so, you must head to Harlow’s this Saturday to watch Shannon Curtis perform, because the Los Angeles Times has described her sound as a cross between the two. The show starts at 7 p.m. and costs $8. Get your tickets at the door, or buy them here.

And just for the fun of it, here’s some local trivia: Curtis is a Sacramento native, and back in 2005, she auditioned to appear in a locally produced film called Her Minor Thing (which happens to be one the most successful locally generated feature films ever made in Sacramento).  The film’s writer and producer, Jim Meyers, said that her music didn’t fit with the flick, but because he liked her sound so much, Curtis will most definitely be involved in his next production—and not just on the soundtrack. She’ll perform on stage in his new movie, called Melissa May I, which will also be made locally, featuring actors from Sacramento, New York and Los Angeles. “I like Shannon’s music a lot,” Meyers says. “She’s a very strong writer and a terrific vocalist. She writes a lot of romantic songs, but they’re real. They capture emotions we’re all familiar with, so it’s very accessible.”

This next film is partially funded, and Meyers hopes to obtain the remaining funds in time to shoot the movie later this year. This is the third film he will have made in the Sacramento area. “I really like shooting here because it doesn’t look like all the movies made in New York and L.A.,” he says. “The area has a really nice look, and it’s different. And you get a lot of help. People are really supportive here when you’re making a movie.”

So check Curtis out not only at Harlow’s this Saturday, but also on the big screen!